Frequently asked questions

How can I pay ?

We accept all major credit cards but also Venmo, cash app, Zelle and cash. Apple Pay is not yet enabled sorry.

Is there any parking ?

Yes ! The parking and the entrance of the park is free, right in front of our watersport concession, just by the water.

Can I bring my own SUP/ kayak ?

Absolutely ! You can park right but the grassy launching area, easy to unload. Whether you want to go paddling your own or joining our Tours.

Is it safe for children ?

Yes, you can bring children along on board our large 2-seaters kayaks. The bay waters are most of the time pretty flats and protected, unless windy days. We recommend bringing a XS lifevest that will suit your children

Do you sell refreshments and snacks ?

Yes we have cold soft drinks and energy bars onsite in our small shop. As well sunscreen, water shirts, sunglasses.

Can I bring my dog ?

Yes you may bring your dog on a kayak. Unfortunately not on our paddleboards as their nails may damage the pads of the boards.

Can I organize an event at your outdoor lounge ?

Yes we welcome any groups: Bday, Non-profits, Churches, friends & family reunions….so you can enjoy a picnic with comfortable outdoor seating during or after paddling fun. There is a small fee involved for the staff and maintenance.
We can even customize a private tour on our closure days, Monday & Tuesday, with minimum 10 people groups.

Can I keep my belongings securely out there ?

Yes we have private lockers and a changing room inside the concession, and our staff is always onsite to keep an eye on your stuffs.

What if I pre-paid a tour and the weather is not cooperating ?

Not problem, you can postponed your tour, we will provide a rain-check, or will refund you if you are no longer available at future dates.

Do you have Restroom/ Showers?

Yes we have restroom and outdoor shower for our guests on-site our facility.

What do I need to bring ?

Although we provide the life vests and back seats for your paddling comfort, it is recommended to bring shoes if you intend to explore the Picnic islands across the bay. A waterproof bag is also a good idea to bring your camera/ phone if you want to share images of your adventure.

Will I see Wild life?

Yes it is most likely as the bay waters are sanctuaries for many of Florida’s native species and wild life !
Amongst them Manatees who feed off the seagrass bed few feet below your kayak, Birds for sure, especially if you explore the mangrove islands 15 min paddling away,
and quite often : dolphins & rays
On land : Expect raccoons & Iguanas

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